Instructions for going to a clinical summer practice

    • The student comes to the student affairs office with a written (typed) application stating the name and address of the institution where he wants to do a clinical summer practice;

    • If the student does not have the opportunity to do the clinical summer practice in an institution of his own choice, he will be given instructions for one of the School's teaching bases;
    • Students can download the clinical summer practice diaries at the following link,
    •  Clinical summer practice diaries must be covered and printed.
    • Upon admission to the teaching base and starting clinical summer practice, the student is obliged to record (in separate sections) everything he has mastered in the reference institution in the Clinical Summer Practice Diary by methodological units;
    • After mastering the skills, the responsible person confirms with his signature (facsimile) and the seal of the institution that the student has successfully completed clinical summer practice.
    • The diary of the clinical summer professional practice is intended for all three years of basic studies as well as for specialist studies and the student is obliged to submit it to the student affairs after each clinical professional practice. It should be completed, signed and stamped.


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