ENMN in 2017

    As part of extracurricular activities, the High Medical College of Professional Studies "Milutin Milanković" enables students to participate in a student exchange program under the auspices of the European Nursing Module Network (ENMN).

    Twenty-eight medical institutions within fourteen member countries of the network are available to students, including higher medical schools in Italy, France, Great Britain, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, the Netherlands and Russia, as well as institutions in neighboring countries Romania, Bulgaria and Macedonia.

    For the second time this year, we received four students on a student exchange program, three from Spain, from the Faculty of Nursing, and one student from Bern, who attended classes at the School and practice in our teaching bases, thus getting to know the healthcare system of our country at  the Military Medical Academy, Clinical Hospital Center "Zvezdara", Health Centers "Dr. Ristić" and "Vračar".

    Our guests, as part of free activities, with our professors, toured and saw the sights of Belgrade (Nikola Tesla Museum, Zoo). There was also time for sports, so our guests attended the football match between Serbia and Georgia.

    Interest in the student exchange program is increasing, and as good hosts, we promised that this type of cooperation between student organizations will continue next year.


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