Organization of Education

    Education at the High Medical College of Professional Studies "Milutin Milanković" lasts three years (6 semesters), i.e.180 (ECTS) according to the Bologna Convention.

    Students acquire knowledge and skills through lectures, exercises, practical classes, seminars, consultations thanks to the experienced and highly professional teaching staff.

    Students of our school become specialists holding high medical education and can apply their knowledge in health institutions,sports centers, spas and wellness centers, in the country and abroad.

    Professional title obtained after graduation:


    Prequalification in accordance with the program of the Bologna Convention.

    We enroll students for an appropriate year of study for all those who wish to obtain high vocational education of nurses, physiotherapists, medical radiologists with the recognition of existing exams and passing of differential exams.

    Studying while having a job.

    Daily consultations and mentoring work provide the possibility of successful studies for students who are employed.

    Continuous education

    In its work, in addition to the implementation of the teaching program, the School also implements special professional development programs, that is, a program through seminars and professional meetings.

    The seat of the High Medical College of Professional Studies "Milutin Milanković"  is in Belgrade.  The school administration, student affairs, modern offices and amphitheater where theoretical classes are held, are located in the school. Practical teaching is carried out in teaching bases, which are the most prominent republic and national health institutions in Belgrade and Serbia.



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