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Enrolment of students on the first year of studies in 2017/2018


‘Milutin Milankovic’ High Medical College of Professional Studies enrolls the students in the first year of studies for the following profiles:

  • Professional Nurse – Technician (60 students per year)
  • Professional Physiotherapist (20 students per year)
  • Professional Radiology Technologist (20 students per year)

and specialist studies

  • Intensive Care Specialist Study Programme (12 students)

Enrolment prerequisites include certificate of finished secondary school lasting four years, and passed entrance exam from the subject – Biology.

The list of candidates is formed according to the secondary school average mark and the results on the entrance exam.

Required enrolment documentation

The candidates are obliged to collect and turn in the following documentation for enrolment:

  • officially verified photocopy of all the secondary school certificates (for each grade)
  • officially verified photocopy of secondary school diploma
  • ID photocopy
  • Birth certificate (not older than 6 months)
  • medical check-up certificate
  • two photographs (3,5x4,5)
  • the evidence of the paid administrative fees concerning enrolment and entrance exam, 60 Euros, paid in dinars, according to the average rate on the day of payment, in the current account No 330-4010387-32 or No 165-27818-11.

Documentation required for enrolment

  • Two photographs for index (3.5x4.5)
  • Form SV20 (obtained at school)

Application and entrance exam take place during June and July.

Enrolment of Serbian students who finished secondary school abroad 

Serbian students who finished secondary school abroad need to have their diplomas and certificates officially acknowledged and authorized before attending the process of application.

Enrolment of foreign students

An unlimited number of foreign students are allowed to enroll. Foreign student has the obligation to have his/her secondary school diploma acknowledged when attending the process of application. The student must hand in the evidence about health insurance for the year he/she enrolls in, confirmation of his Serbian language skills, issued by the authorized committee. Members of Serbian national minority groups from surrounding countries can apply under the same conditions as Serbian citizens.

Transfer from other colleges and faculties

Students who started their schooling in some other colleges or faculties in the area of health care may enroll if they fulfill all the requirements.

Documentation necessary for application

  • application form (given in the College)
  • Birth certificate
  • Officially verified photocopy of enrolling on the college
  • Officially verified photocopy of the list with passed exams
  • Medical check-up certificate
  • Paid fees for the committee which acknowledges exams from other colleges and faculties

Documentation required for enrolment

  • Two photographs for index (3.5x4.5)
  • Form SV20 (obtained at school)

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